The Trio

This was inspired by MrLip's Ethics page. This trio has been the center of my life for such a longass time, and it makes no sense that I didn't think of this sooner.

The Scientist

Name: Kulapan Chantarasap
Nicknames: Nual, Kulie, Sailor Moon
Birthdate: January 11 1982
Background: Thai. Spent some time in Kenya.
Location: Rome, Italy
Known for: having the livelier hair color of the three of us, into the Tarot cards and men.

The Mathmatician

Name: Tiffany Hsu
Nicknames: Tif, Winger, Sailor Mercury
Birthdate: August 25 1981
Background: Taiwanese
Homepage: none
Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Known for: complaining about work loads, this trademark arm movement, winging, and going, "Huh?"

The Writer

Name: Gemma Truman
Nicknames: Gem, Mouse, Sailor Jupiter
Birthdate: August 21 1981
Background: American. Thai-German blood
Homepage: you're already there
Location: Bangkok, Thailand
Known for: "chicken," always cutting her hair, and being so damn white.

Friends of the Trio

Ramona - Burmese girl
Shivani -
Palki -

Teachers of the Trio

Kevin Curran - where we first met. We were in his homeroom and he saw everything that happened during the first year of our union. Heck, we went to his wedding.
Olivier Fernandez - he had the "joy" of teaching us French I.
Laurent Biais - had the hell of trying to teach us French II and III. Trust us, he knows us well.
Tom Huebner - well, he applies to only Tiffany and Gemma but we were complaining so much he knows it's a general characteristic.
Frank Carolan - made sure Gemma woke up each morning in 1996 when she used to take naps on the fifth floor near her locker. Also got a dose of Tiffany.
Valente Aquino - maybe this applies for just Gemma and Kulapan.

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