How to get the stuff

If you want to get the fonts and MIDI's that I've supplied here on my web site, this is all you have to do. Note: This procedure is only for Windows 95 users. When I figure out the Mac and 3.11 equivalents I'll put 'em up.

1. Move your mouse over to the link and right-click it.
2. Go to "Save Target As" and click.
3. Select where you want to save the file, then click OK.
4. Wait for it to download, and then you're done.

Please be aware that I do *not* allow you to download my essays or my pages unless you ask my permission. If I catch you using my work, I will see to it that a small funnel has been surgically attached to your forehead so I can inject any kind of chemical right into your brain (it's been done on lab rats, it shouldn't be so hard). Or I will call your dentist and schedule a root canal procedure for you even if you don't need it.

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